Are you willing to buy a 1,000 (usd) Note8?

Hello my friends,  on the past days the new Samsung Note 8 has been released. I have to confess that it got my attention and based on the information, specs, and software is an awesome business companion and would be great to have one on my pocket (if it fits). We all know a bunch of specs where we can find the specs and all the wow factors of the phone. I want to talk about the price. Why I need to buy a phone for 1,000 dollars? With less than that I can buy a laptop and do way more than with the phone. Yes I know, the laptop cannot make phone calls. Well off the box no, but install Skype and with an outlook/hotmail account you are done. Are they other programs that can be used to make phone calls from my computer/MAC? Share on the comments. Thats my main reason to not buy the phone. Now, if you are planning to buy the phone with the new dock and all that wow stuff, then I would say go ahead. That at least will mimic that your phone is the “main” computer and it would help you a lot on your business.

At the end, make sure if you have a S8+ or even a S8 and you are not a s pen user, do not spend this cash and wait until the next version arrives. Remember, that the next Pixel will arrive soon and the new iPhone is right there on the corner.

Hope this will give you some different perspective that you may found all over the internet.


Comment below if you will wait for a new phone or going to buy this Note8. Thanks for reading my blog.


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