Should we move everything to the cloud?

        A year ago I made a writing about what would happened if Google servers will just shutdown due to a downtime on Google. Now I want to revisit the issue but taking a different perspective. The island of Puerto Rico was hit by a Hurricane Cat5 called Maria. After 30 days there are still more than 80% of the island without power, and communication comes and goes. All banks were down for days, no internet, no data on your cellphone, not even cellular service for almost all cellular providers.

That being said, I want to talk about the importance of saving and archiving data on your home, on local drives, on a safe place and keep that backups securely stored. On a digital age where, for example, all communication for my car loan was made via 100% digital, we need to make sure that we archive this kind of documents the correct way. For example, if something happens to my car, I do not have a paper where I can call insurance if needed. In a case like this, if you store everything on the cloud I would lose access and may need to wait for communication to come back in order to get the desire document. However, if you do not rely 100% on cloud then you take whatever is left on your computer battery and find the document and if you have a generator or you can go to a place where there is a printer, you can print it using all local services without internet.

Pictures. What you think about pictures and videos stored on the cloud? What about this new feature of Apple that remove the file from the phone and what you need to open it it will download it at the moment? So this means that if there are some old videos that you want to watch while offline you get hit by the issue that the video or the high resolution picture is not there to save space.

Maybe we do not think about this issues due to the amount of confidence we put to the services. Going thru difficult situation where their is no access to internet make us realize that we cannot rely on the clouds 100%. However, do not take me wrong, this does not means that we should only have local copy, or open a library with all physical documents, but relying on one type of archive ( digital or physical) is not the best thing to do.

As a conclusion, we all should have both, digital and physical copies of all documents that we posses. So that make me ask something, can we go 100% digital? Is this something that only people that live in places where typically we get natural disasters? Should we trust all documents to be on the “cloud”? Remember….



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