Should I buy 1000 dollar iPhone X on black Friday?

Is the 1000 dollars iPhone X worth it? That is the million dollar question this last weeks. Apple has release the new, shiny and beautiful (with a notch) phone. A lot of hype and excitement as always when Apple release a new product. But you are here looking for the answer, it is worth it? you have arrived to the correct place. Well, I think that will depend on which phone you are holding at this moment. If you have an iPhone 6 or any Samsung phone, then I will say go for it. You will see a lot of improvement on speed with iOS 11, beautiful OLED screen (First time on an Apple phone) no home button (huge change since Apple release their first iPhone 10 years ago), best camera, well on summary is a huge jump and you will be pleased with the phone. Now that you have all the Pros I will give you what I think that is a huge Con, no headphone jack, If you are used to charge and have headphones connect to it at the same time, this will be a big change that will impact your workflow and how you use your phone, however, remember a lot of changes on this phone, a lot of things to get used to.

Price: If you are still reading, that means that you are waiting for an advise on which phone, 64gb or 256gb, phone should you select. If you are already ready to spend 1000+ on the phone, I will say choose the 256gb but more important make sure you get Apple Care. This is not a cheap phone that can be fix in any store or using YouTube, Apple Care is a must on this phone.

Hope this helps you deciding what to do, if you want me to expand on other topics or if there is any question regarding this topic, go to Contact Us section and send me a message. Remember that you can always like my Facebook Page @techblogpr to keep posted with what is happening in Techblogpr and technology.


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